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Living Unlocked Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

In our culture today, we are led by many things. Like, our need to be seen, our insecurity, our fears etc. So, I’m so excited for today's episode as I sit with Pastor Tim Ross and discuss what it means to truly be LED by God. More specifically, the Holy Spirit and that IT'S NOT WEIRD. It’s actually highly essential...

Feb 21, 2022

In this day and age of cancel culture, what if we begin to turn things around and believe that God‘s yes is now! My guest Jenessa Wait and I discuss how gods yes changed her life and had her start her amazing hand lettering business it’s such a great story!! 


Feb 14, 2022

Renovations of any kind are not for the faint of heart. Sometimes we have to work through what was before we can move on to what can be- and that’s just what we’re talking about this week!

Let’s do this!


Feb 7, 2022

I’m so excited for this one! Today, we’re talking about how to have smart conversations with yourself, your teen or young adult! Before we can lead anyone, we have to know how to lead ourselves, and so we’re diving into how to do just that with author Patti Reed! This is a great conversation- you don’t want to...