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Living Unlocked Podcast

Aug 29, 2022

Purpose is a powerful force we are all chasing. But, what if its not about all the passions that we have all the time, and instead, about permission! Permission that we feel we aren’t worthy of, but God shows us differently in this episode!  Let’s slay this dragon together friend! Happy Monday!


Aug 22, 2022

If you have found yourself facing complications, we are chatting about how to move from that space into CONFIDENCE in the One who knows all of our complications.


Aug 15, 2022

Happy Monday! Are you always reacting to problems or learning to sit in God’s presence? On today’s episode we are bringing in encouragement on is our mind reactive or ready! Enjoy!


Aug 8, 2022

In this life there are disruptions along our faith walk, and in those moments we can feel defeated. But today, we’re talking about how God wants to call us to rise and walk out of the places we feel are wrecked! And, I tell about my most recent concussion disruption! This one is a MUST!


Aug 1, 2022

Let’s face it, none of us like to wait. We are an instant society, and truly, this all got way worse back when they made instant potatoes lol. But, waiting doesn’t have to always mean whining and worry. What if we discovered it could mean places of winning? On today’s podcast, I talk about a really personal...