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Living Unlocked Podcast

Jun 5, 2023

Sexuality is a liquid subject in today’s world. But now more than ever, we need to hear from people who can give us a better description of what healthy sexuality looks like, so we are excited to interview Nancy Houston on her NEW book, “Then God Made A Woman” You don’t want to miss this one!!

May 22, 2023

Calling all women seeking a fresh perspective on purity!

Are you ready to embrace a fresh understanding of purity, one that brings healing and freedom? This podcast is an absolute must-listen for all women seeking to embrace their true identity in Christ!

Tune in now and let's embark on a journey of discovering...

Mar 27, 2023

My guest today is Lisa Binion, Daystar Singer, and friend who gives her powerful testimony of growing up in church but becoming an addict. Ya’ll we’re talking about how your past is a present because listen, there is no life that’s too far gone- No story that’s too dirty that God can’t clean and heal! DO NOT...

Mar 20, 2023

Right now, more than ever, we could all use a Reset. We think of that at just the January timeline, but when you’re dealing with emotional healing, a reset can happen ANYtime! Today’s guest is Debra Fileta, and she wrote a great book on this subject with some incredible tools! Don’t miss this one!


Mar 13, 2023

Raising emotionally healthy kids is something I am very passionate about- While I’m no expert on parenting, I do believe that healthy conversations with your nuclear family is the most important family gift you can give eachother next to Jesus! So, here’s my son, Caleb and I, talking about 3 topics that are near and...