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Living Unlocked Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

We all have a past we’re healing from, and on today’s episode Kerrie sits down with her favorite person, her husband Phillip to discuss what they learned being married after experiencing abuse in their lives. You don’t want to miss!!


Mar 21, 2022

So excited to have the founders of Blended Kingdom Families on today! If you’re not a blended family- do.not.fear. We are talking about tools that can help you in any relationship. Blended Kingdom families exist to ignite faith, equip marriages and unite blended families in abundant life! This is a great listen....

Mar 14, 2022

Hope and redemption really happen in our lives. These next guests show us that no matter how far we fall, God is never too far away that He can’t pick us up! Michael and Debbie Rasa share their story of infidelity, hope, and redemption!


Mar 7, 2022

If you think your past stifles and defines your present- THIS episode is for you! My guest Pastor Irene Collins tells her story about being an addict while being a Pastor! This is real, and relevant to understand that we can all fall, but its how you stand back up that tells the REAL story! It’s so good! Don’t miss...